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Planning enforcement

Planning enforcement

What is Planning Enforcement?

Runnymede Borough Council's Planning Enforcement Section seeks to deal with all reported breaches of planning control (that is to say, all instances where something requiring planning permission has taken place, without permission being obtained).

The Planning Enforcement section attends to all reports relating to:

  • unauthorised built development (new buildings, extensions and alterations to existing buildings, etc.).
  • unauthorised land uses (unacceptable uses in the Green Belt, businesses running from homes, etc.).
  • building works not in accordance with approved plans.
  • breaches of planning conditions.
  • illegal works to protected trees and listed buildings.
  • illegal advertisements.
  • illegal gypsy/traveller incursions.
  • neglected land and property that is an eyesore.

How do I make use of Runnymede Borough Council's Planning Enforcement service?

You are welcome to ask us to investigate anything that you think is a breach of planning control. Please read this covering letter prior to completing the Planning Enforcement Questionnaire . We reserve the right not to investigate your complaint if we do not receive a fully completed questionnaire.

Please return the completed questionnaire by post to:

The Planning Enforcement Section
Runnymede Borough Council
Technical Services Dept
Runnymede Civic Centre
Station Road
KT15 2AH

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