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Housing and Council Tax Benefits are paid to people on low income who are liable to pay rent or council tax.

Building Control
The Building Control system exists to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation.

Council Tax
Council Tax is payable in respect of all dwellings, unless exempt. There is one bill per dwelling, whether it is a house, flat, maisonette, mobile home or houseboat, and whether it is owned or rented.

Electoral Services
Voting is a most important way to make your voice heard on the issues that concern you. It is central to the way in which our democracy works.

Environmental Protection
The Environmental Protection Division is comprised of four sections, the Health and Pollution Section, the Commercial Section, the Licensing Section and Recycling Section. Environmental Protection also includes the Internal Council Municipal Safety role.

If you are in need of housing then we have provided details of how to find accommodation in the Borough and how to apply to go on our Housing Register. The provision of additional affordable housing is a key priority for us. If you want to know what plans we have to increase and improve housing in Runnymede these are outlined in our Housing Strategy.

Leisure and Culture
The Leisure Services department is part of Housing, Leisure and Community Services. It covers a wide range of work, including providing and maintaining facilities in our parks and open spaces, managing various services including activities for young people, Youth Council, sports development, community halls, Chertsey Muesum and cemeteries. The service also works closely with local clubs, national governing bodies of sport and a range of county wide organisations.

Older people
We have tried to list all the people and/or organisations in Runnymede (and beyond) who can provide you with help, or advice. Some are professionals, some are volunteers, all are dedicated to providing help in an understanding and welcoming way.

The Council provides information and services about Planning in partnership with the Planning Portal.

Rubbish, waste and recycling
Runnymede Borough Council aims to provide a high quality refuse collection and recycling service that seeks to protect the environment and minimises waste.

Safer Runnymede
Improving the quality of life for residents, visitors and people who work in the Borough.

Information Directory
The Information Directory contains information of interest for local residents. It has 11 sections covering various areas including ocal Groups, clubs and societies, local information, health and welfare and recreation. The directory is updated on an annual basis and all entries in the directory are free.