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Housing advice

Consultation on the revision of the Common Allocation Policy for Search Moves

The Localism Act provides local authorities with an opportunity to revisit the way they allocate their homes. The Government is keen to see working households rewarded and the Council is looking at ways this might be achieved. The Council is also taking this opportunity to make other changes to assist local residents and to reduce homelessness. A number of changes are being considered, and as part of a consultation process with applicants and stakeholders comments are invited on the proposals. Comments should be made by 31 July 2012 to or alternatively in writing to Joan Stephens, Housing Needs Manager, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey,  KT15 2AH

Proposed revision of the Common Allocation Policy for Search Moves (PDF document)

The following is some updated advice on helping you decide whether you want to join Runnymede Council’s housing waiting list and also some useful information on other housing options.

Joining the Runnymede Housing Register

Please open the Housing Options Pack prepared by the Housing Advice Team to help you contact agencies for support and understand what we can offer you. A hard copy pack is available upon request to the Housing Advice Team.

If you require general advice about an issue involving your current accommodation then please contact us on 01932 425832/3/4. We can also supply the following Shelter and Government advice leaflets.

The links below may help you access benefits and grants

Housing issues following Relationship Breakdown (Shelter)

The AgeUK website shows what welfare benefits older people can claim;

An online assessment by SHELTER to see if the Council may have a duty to house you or to provide emergency accommodation can be completed on the Shelter England website;

Advice for Landlords/Tenancy Deposit Scheme/Bond Scheme

Guide to Homeowners - Mortgage Support

Please note there are changes to the Mortgage Rescue Scheme as of February 2011. Please contact the Housing Advice team for more details using the Housing Advice online form which you can complete and it will be electronically submitted to the Housing Options Officers who will contact you within 2 working days.

Visit the Mortgage Rescue Scheme and Mortgage Help websites from Directgov to see what help you can get if you are having problems with your mortgage repayments or if your lender has started possession proceedings and you are worried about losing your home.

Are you worried about your mortgage? - Advice Leaflet

Advice on dealing with squatters in your home

To see what rights you have if your landlord is trying to evict you, visit the Eviction Checker on the SHELTER website.

The Protection of Tenants Act 2010 gives information on new legislation to protect tenants who are living in properties where their landlord has not advised their mortgage lender that they have rented the property out.

If you need any help with housing issues, whether you are a tenant, homeowner or landlord, please complete the online form and it will be sent directly to one of the housing options officers who will respond to your query within 2 working days.

Shelter's Get Advice web pages are available at and are full of information for anyone with a housing-related problem.

Broken Rainbow is a registered charity running a UK domestic violence helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) victims. Our operators are highly trained and experienced in the specifics of LGBT domestic violence, with many coming from front line services. They understand the issues LGBT callers will face and go through extended training to provide the best support they can. As members of the Telephone Helplines Association we follow their operating guidelines to, " ... ensure the highest quality response for callers seeking information, advice and help .... ".

Broken Rainbow's helpline number: 0300 999 LGBT (5428).
(0300 calls are the same price to ring as 01/02 land lines and included as part of any inclusive call minutes)

Opening hours for the help line are:
Mon 2pm-8pm
Wed 10am-1pm
Thurs 2pm-8pm

Office: 08452 60 55 60
Helpline: 0300 999 LGBT (5428)

Action Surrey, together with Runnymede Borough Council, has won funding from the Department of Health to help people keep warm this winter

Read the Action Surrey press release for further information on assistance available

Last updated 18 December 2012 (SM)