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Environmental protection

The Environmental Protection Division is comprised of four sections, the Health & Pollution section, the Commercial section, the Licensing section and Recycling section. Environmental Protection also includes the Internal Council Municipal Safety role.

Each section carries out a wide variety of duties in order to protect and improve the health and environment of people who live and work in the Borough.

These functions include:

* Food safety

* Health & Safety

* Licensing

* Pollution control

* Recycling

* Stray dogs

* Private water supplies

The Division has an enforcement policy adopted by the Council and works within the provisions of the Enforcement Concordat.

Enforcement Policy - pdf version

Enforcement Concordat - pdf version

Environmental Health and Licencing Manager - Peter Burke

Deputy Environmental Health and Licencing Manager - Phillip Sheard


Senior Licensing Officer - Robert Smith

Waste Minimisation Officer - Darren Harding

Municipal Safety Advisor - Ed Keith

Councils Complaint Procedure

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Environmental Health Careers