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Runnymede Borough Council header
Runnymede civic centre

Runnymede Civic Centre is the first joint new offices in the country built to accommodate a local council, the police and the library. They serve Runnymede borough from under one roof.

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About Runnymede

Runnymede Borough Council, Runnymede Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2AH

Tel: 01932 838383

Minicom: 01932 838386

Fax: 01932 838384



Runnymede facts and figures

Runnymede includes the towns and villages of Addlestone, Chertsey, Egham, Egham Hythe, Englefield Green, Lyne, New Haw, Ottershaw, Row Town, Thorpe, Woodham and Virginia Water.

Area: 7,804 hectares

Green Belt: 6,078 hectares

Population: 80,500 (Census 2011)

Electorate: 59,241

Households: 32,700 (Census 2011)

Council Tax banding information

Our priorities

The Council's principal aim is enhance the quality of life for residents and provide an attractive environment for businesses and visitors. To achieve this aim, the Council and its partners will focus on shaping a Runnymede of healthier, safer and more prosperous communities.

Healthier and safer communities

A Runnymede with pleasant neighbourhoods, less fear of crime, a safe and healthy environment for young people, and better access to health and social care for vulnerable people.

This will be delivered through:

  • maintaining clean and safe streets
  • increasing access to health and social support facilities
  • supporting vulnerable people
  • promoting sports and leisure facilities
  • supporting communities

Prosperous communities

A Runnymede that fosters economic prosperity, with strong local businesses, vibrant town centres, reduced traffic congestion, an adequate supply of affordable housing, better access to parks and open spaces, and sustainable use of resources.

This will be delivered through:

  • increasing access to decent housing
  • identifying and implementing solutions to traffic congestion
  • supporting and promoting local businesses
  • revitalising town centres
  • safeguarding and increasing job prospects
  • protecting the natural environment
  • promoting the sustainable use of resources


Last updated 28 December 2012 (SF)