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Food waste bin and caddy

New kerbside collection

food bin and caddy header

What can I put in my food bin?

The larger green food bin is for outside and can be locked by pushing the handle to the front of the bin. This is the bin to put out weekly on your collection day.

The smaller silver caddy is for your kitchen and is used to transfer your food waste to the outside food bin. Again if you wish to lock this caddy, move the handle to the front of the container.

Black wheeled bin

The small caddy is for your kitchen and the green food bin is to be kept outside and is lockable against animal disturbance. You can recycle all your cooked and raw food waste in your outside bin, which will be emptied weekly.

Please view our guide to the new wheeled bin recycling service for more detailed information.

Compostable liners

Please do not line your food bin with plastic bags as they do not rot and your waste will not be taken.

You can use any compostable liners with the following logo.

Compostable logo image

List of compostable bag stockists

Remember you can also use newspaper.

Remember this service remains weekly so whichever bin you are putting out, always put out your food waste for us to collect.

If you do not have a food bin and caddy please contact us on 0800 052 0067 and we will deliver them to you.