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Student households annual review - apply online

Every year we ask student households to re-submit their application for council tax exemption. You can do this online.

  1. Property address:
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    1. Households for which a joint tenancy has been signed:
    2. Council Tax will be billed in all the names of the students that sign the joint tenancy. An exemption will only apply once all the relevant documentation has been received e.g. student certificates (these are only required if we are unable to verify their student status with Royal Holloway University). If the tenants/students are unable to provide a certificate or do not meet the criteria of being a full time student they will receive a bill for which they are ALL liable.
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    1. For ALL tenants please provide a) full name, b) student ID number and c) the year of course (eg 1st, 2nd, 3rd year beginning Sept/Oct 2017).
    2. Tenant 1
    3. Tenant 2
    4. Tenant 3
    5. Tenant 4
    6. Tenant 5
    7. Tenant 6
    8. Tenant 7
    9. Tenant 8
    10. Tenant 9
    11. Tenant 10

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