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Planning Enforcement Form

Please use this form to report any alleged breach of planning control.

We will try and visit the site as soon as possible, in line with our priorities in the pdf icon Enforcement Charter [170kb].
In order that you get the quickest possible response we would like to point out that planning enforcement section does not deal with complaints related to:

If you still think that your concerns are best investigated by the Planning Enforcement Team please use this form to give us as clear and specific details as you can and attach any supporting evidence e.g. photos you think assist in explaining your complaint as they will speed up our investigation.

  1. Terms and Conditions
    1. Please tick the box below if you are happy to give consent for the information supplied on this form to be shared with other service areas of Runnymede Borough Council and other relevant professional/public sectors eg. Surrey County Council/Surrey Police.
    2. I understand Runnymede Borough Council reserves the right not to investigate my complaint or enquiry if I have not completed this form adequately.
    3. I understand Runnymede Borough Council will not investigate anonymous complaints.
  2. Contact Details
  3. Alleged Breach

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