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Citizens' Panel Application Form

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    1. Thank you for your interest in joining the Citizens’ Panel. After completing this form we may contact you to complete electronic surveys or to ask you to attend a meeting/focus group/workshop.
    2. All opportunities to participate are optional. Your future feedback as a panel member is highly valued. It will ensure your voice is heard and it will help us to refine and deliver our services more effectively.
    3. This application form has two parts and should take less than 5 minutes.
    4. The second part is optional, but it would be very helpful to us if you do answer these questions because it allows us to identify trends/patterns with different demographic groups in order to serve you more effectively and to ensure we gain a fair representation of the local population.
    5. Any data supplied by you will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act requirements and in supplying it you consent to the Council processing the data for the purpose it was supplied. Please note any results published/shared with partners will remain anonymous.

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